In the name of God, the most Merciful, the most Gracious

Literacy constructs buildings from scratch; whereas, illiteracy deconstructs well-built buildings.

The Faculty of Education in Marij is considered as one of well-experienced faculties that graduates well-qualified teachers in various majors.  The faculty seeks to qualify teachers in order to join marketplace immediately after graduation, starting from primary and middle schools and ending with high schools. The faculty believes that a teacher is the cornerstone in education system. So, the more qualification a teacher has armed, the good outcomes in the level of students’ education will be achieved.

The faculty has on its shoulders the responsibility towards its students and the community, where it participates in creating educational programs and awareness in the field of education. The faculty, moreover, seeks to offer healthy environment for its member staff through supporting and encouraging them to present in conferences and seminars, which causes in polishing their experience and qualification.

Finally, I’d ask students , who are the main targeted in the process of internal education, to be own responsible and participate in succeeding study through being aware of their own rights and responsibilities.

Osama Khair Allah Ali

Dean of Faculty of Education - Marij